Message from CEO Igor A. Pronin

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Transportation of oversized heavy cargo — the problem today. Delivery of products to consumers is completely manufactured in the factory reduces the construction time, reduces capital costs and, most importantly, improves the quality and reliability of the plants and industrial facilities as a whole.

Such transport — complex engineering problems. They successfully solve highly qualified specialists of the transport company «Atlant».
Of TF, «Atlant» — Russia’s largest company engaged in transportation of large heavy cargo in Russia and abroad.
The company «Atlant» was established in 1985.
Transportation of goods — the main activity of the enterprise. At the same time developed a number of new methods of transportation. For example, it is of TF «Atlant» was to provide its customers with a service delivery «from door to door» (from factory to building site). When the order is used all the means of transport: sea, rail and automobile. If necessary, Ro is unloading and loading with special handling equipment.
With the use of rail transport by specialized transporters the transport of heavy loads weighing up to 500 tons.
Of TF, «Atlant» provides an effective system of mixed road — rail transport: using spetsializilizirovannogo road transport is transport of goods to the railway and its subsequent delivery to the customer at the railway rolling stock.
For transportation of large heavy cargo of TF «Atlant» uses and water trails. Transportation over long distances, and they often reach several thousand kilometers are planned so that the largest part of the road ran along the water.
Transportation by water produced not only in the holds or decks of ships, but also on the afloat. This way, the most expensive, is used for transportation of technological devices and containers that have their own buoyancy. Only delivery of cargo from point of origin to the place of an overload on the water and the end point of the water transportation to the destination of vehicles produced.
In the TF of «Atlant» employs a team of true professionals.

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