The company «Atlant» was created in Astrakhan in 1985 as a branch of the All-Union association of companies engaged in transportation of large heavy cargo. The main reasons for opening a branch here as the start of construction steel in the Astrakhan gas complex, and the increasing need for this type of service the entire region of Central Asia, the Caucasus and western Siberia. On October 1, 1985 the company acquired independence — at the time in the region were large amounts of construction, and the company has implemented almost all the transport of heavy equipment for construction of the Tengiz and Astrakhan gas processing plant in Kazakhstan.

Today, the company «Atlant» — one of the largest Russian companies engaged in transportation of large heavy cargo. During the work the firm has carried out large-scale transport of heavy cargoes in Russia and abroad at the request of various companies. Clients of «Atlanta» at various times «Astrakhangazprom», «Orenburg Gazprom», «Stavropolpolimer», «Tengizneftegaz», «Krasnoleninskneftegas», «Yaroslavlnefteorgsintez» Irganayskaya HPS (Republic of Dagestan) and many others. Managed to create a positive image and in the western market. In particular, since 1987 the company «Atlant» actively engaged in international transport (Finland, Poland, Syria, Denmark, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.). Companies such as «General Electric», «Brown & Root», «ABB-Lumus Global», «Trancers International Logistics», are also among those who are entrusted to transport their equipment. From the above list shows that the company «Atlant» works mainly from the oil and gas industry, energy, environment.

Transportation of goods — the main activity of the enterprise. At the same time developed a number of new methods of transportation. For example, it is of TF «Atlanta» was to provide its customers with a service delivery «from door to door» (from factory to building site). When the order is used all the means of transport: sea, rail and automobile. If necessary, Ro is unloading and loading with special handling equipment. That is why the TF of «Atlanta» has a close cooperation with foreign firms who are interested in the fact that the full range of services has been concentrated in the hands of one