Automobile — water transport

For transportation of large heavy cargo of TF «Atlas» uses and water trails. Transportation over long distances, and they often reach several thousand kilometers are planned so that the largest part of the road ran along the water.
Transportation by water produced not only in the holds or decks of ships, but also on the afloat. This way, the most expensive, is used for transportation of technological devices and containers that have their own buoyancy. Only delivery of cargo from point of origin to the place of an overload on the water and the end point of the water transportation to the destination of vehicles produced.

Transportation vehicles are more expensive and complicated, it often requires more time and significant capital expenditures for the preparation of roads, strengthening of the various structures and construction detours.
TF of «Atlanta» is always ready to offer several options for delivery, leaving the customer the right to choose the most appropriate method of delivery for him.