Lifting work and means of vertical movement of goods

Of particular difficulty are loading and unloading operations. If the crane means and standard berths available, our specialists carry out handling operations Rigging method — the vertical movement of goods using the capacity of the jacks elektrovintovyh 75, 125 ton hydraulic jacks and lifting capacity of 100 tons and the horizontal movement of cargo with the use of electric winches and pulleys fixed. The duration of these operations a bit more congestion cranes, but much cheaper and requires little cost to the arrangement of cargo handling areas.


Specialists of TF «Atlas» method of rigging was carried out:
  • unloading in the city of Perm Chemical column weighing 400 tons from the barge to the pier, and then loaded on the vehicle, unloading from the vehicle to the site after the transport, installation at the installation site to a height of 6 m;
  • discharge in the Republic of Azerbaijan Ganja, the HPS Irganayskaya Republic of Dagestan, in Balkhash Kazakhstan, Republic of Georgia g.Zastafani, Astrakhan. Transformers weighing from 40 to 250 tons of rail carriers, or manufacturing sites for vehicles and unloading of vehicles on construction sites after the carriage;
  • raising the sunken tug — a pusher of 200 tons. in Astrakhan with the use of pulleys and winches;
  • overloading of the column transitional beams weighing 250 tons from the barge to the shore, loading for the vehicle to unload Autotrans tailor-vehicle after transport to the site;
  • Launching a ship, built at the factory to them. Karl Marx in the city of Astrakhan;
  • unloading equipment from flatcars at the Tengiz gas processing plant in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Of TF «Atlanta has extensive experience in the vertical movement of goods:

  • floating cranes, «Hercules» 300tn capacity;

  • «Mighty» carrying capacity of 350 tons;

  • «Titan» lifting capacity of 500 tons;

  • crawler crane «Demag» capacity of 500 tons;

  • automobile cranes «LIEBHERR» capacity of 500 tons,

  • «Demag» capacity of 160 tons;

  • «Kato» capacity of 120 tons;

  • reducing rail cranes 250, 125, 75 tons;

  • own automobile cranes.