MZKT — 7402

The car — tractor MZKT — 7402 is designed to transport cargo and equipment as in all types of roads and the terrain. The most fully reveals the effectiveness of the chassis for operation in difficult road conditions when driving on the road impassable areas: wet soil, deep sand, snow, sleet, and overcoming the ford, hillsides, ascents and descents.

Car — MAZ 79 092 is also used as ballast tractors to tow trailers with heavy equipment and large-sized cargo such as «Nicholas», CHMZAP 8388, TPA-P-80, etc.


8 х 8


21 000 kg

Mass in running order

18 850  kg

including on the front bogie

11 050  kg

including  rear truck

7 300  kg

Gross vehicle weight

40 000  kg

including on the front bogie

20 000  kg

including  rear truck

20 200  kg

Turning radius of the car (outside)

13,0 м

The maximum speed

80 km/h

Number of axles