KS — 6471

Crane KS — 6471 — self-propelled crane jib on a special chassis of a car is designed for mounting and loading — unloading operations at dispersed sites.

Maximum load capacity

40 tn.

The maximum height

10,6 м.

boom length

11 ÷27 м.

Boom, min / max

3,9/15,9 м.

Weight of the crane in transport position

33 tn.

Weight of the crane in transport position:

with full counterweight

45 tn.

without the detachable counterweight

42,2 tn.

Type of drive:

mechanism of movement-
Mechanics of the internal combustion engine, which is located on the chassis

mechanisms of the rotary-
Hydraulic motors on the individual, or hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps working on the set on the chassis.

The environment in which may be located and operate crane

+40°C -40°C